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Benefits of using our online printing portal

Do you as a private individual or as a business owner, require printed materials that are ordered and used on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis? Even for once off events? If so, you should ask yourself, are you reaping the benefits of an online printing portal to manage and process your orders super conveniently? defines marketing materials as “The printed pieces, such as brochures, letterhead and business cards, you’ll use to market your business”.

Our new portal can elevate ordering all of these products and more in a matter of just a few clicks, saving you time, saving you money.

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What is an online printing portal?

In today’s busy lifestyle, it’s an efficient way to order what you need, without you having to:

a)     Worry about managing individual orders

b)    Keep track of order documentation

c)     Leave the comfort of your home or office

Without getting too technical, a section of our website has been created that displays various options for repeatedly ordered materials. Ranging from business cards, flyers, banners, presentation folders, invitations to anything else you might need to order on a regular basis or once off for a special project. This is your online printing portal. A place where you can go to, to quickly and conveniently order printing materials you need.

Benefits of a Printing Portal

  1. With just a few clicks you can effectively order everything you need.
  2. All the information is displayed before you confirm an order i.e. quantities, pricing,        turnaround time and more. This allows you to control exactly what you need as you order,    preventing mistakes which can end up being very costly.  
  3. The portal stores everything from order histories to order documentation and more, all digitized and cataloged which saves you time thus making your life much easier. #Go green!
  4. The portal is so easy to use, ordering required printed materials can be done by almost anyone should the dedicated person be unavailable to proceed with ordering supplies.
  5. The structure of a print portal leads minimizing lost collateral, misplaced files, or erratic email chains. These things all cost time and money to resolve.

Please note in order to reap these benefits you’ll have to be registered on our portal.

How does it work?

Much easier than you think:

·       Select the products you need (size, quantity, type of paper etc.)

·       Upload your artwork/ file that needs to be printed

·       Submit the order

·       Wait for an order confirmation and a soft proof which is sent via e-mail

·       Once approved, you will be billed

·       Once payment has been received, the order will be processed

·       Wait for FREE delivery, THAT’S IT!

In conclusion

Many businesses and individuals make use of different technologies to improve daily operations. If you as a business or individual haven’t already registered on our printing portal, now is the time!

Simply visit our website, follow the link and register with us. Now you can have the peace of mind when you place orders through your new portal, knowing that we’ll take care of everything else and your order will be delivered straight to your door.

Go to to place your order online – saving you tones of time! FREE nation wide delivery! Alternatively e-mail us, we’re ready to assist you.